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* Services currently eligible for Day 1 Certainty™


IRS Tax Return Verification

ARC's solution to getting your tax revenue verifications completed and minimizing IRS rejections is the 4506T Form. Click here to see an example with instructions on how to complete.


  •    IRS Access: We submit your request directly to the IRS.

  •    Quality Review: We will review the 4506T form before we submit your request to the IRS.

  •    1-4 years: You may request up to 4 years of tax returns filed with the IRS

  •    Multiple Types of Returns: We can provide person, business and corporate tax returns.

  •    Expedited Delivery: 48-72 hours.



AccountChek (Verification Of Deposit (VOD)

ARC’s VOD allows for instant verification of deposits and assets without the hassle of gathering paper and using the VOD 1006 form.


  •    Accepted by Investors: FNMA, FreddieMac, Chase, Wells Fargo and many other investors.
  •    Ease of Use: Borrower registers accounts through a secure site, AcountChek verifies balances an
       deposits, calculates cash flow and residual income, alerts for fraud, NSF’s, irregular deposits and
       suspicious activity. Loan Officer receives account.

  •    You’re Covered: Meets QM verification standards, FCRA approved for FHA, meets CFPB requirements,
       fulfills Dodd-Frank Act ‘Ability-to-repay’, adds an additional layer of Fraud Protection.

  •    Options: Non-monitored report or monitored report options available


To schedule a demonstration of any of our services, please feel free to e-mail us or call 877-462-7950.



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