American Reporting Company

ARC provides a documented process of sending credit disclosures out to your borrowers.  Not only does ARC send out your standard RBP and NTHLA disclosure mailing service, we document the process by providing you a monthly compliance report at a transactional level.  In this new lending/compliance environment not only does one need to provide the service, one needs to prove the service has been accomplished.

Additionally ARC’s disclosure mailing service can be customized to each client’s compliance needs to address disclosure errors without any additional effort on the part of the client.  Many of the address errors listed above would be avoided with ARC’s disclosure mailing service.
Customized features include: 

  • Validation and standardized address verification
  • Alternative address verification
  • Customized Cover Letter Option
  • Incomplete address processing
  • Optional online notification and correction for flagged, invalid mailing addresses

The cost of ARC’s mailing services can be billed in a variety of options, including being part of the cost of the credit report. 

For more information on ARC’s Custom Disclosure Mailing Services please contact your sales representative.

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