American Reporting Company

This evaluation product used with an AVM will satisfy appraisal guidelines for HELOCs and loans under $250,000.

Product Features

Property Inspection
Completed by a qualified local real estate agent.

Turn Times
Delivered nationally in 3 - 5 days.

Market Conditions
Includes a Home Price Index and Local Sales Activity.

Property Market Condition Report
Includes exterior inspection and multiple photos of the property and neighborhood.

Why order a PMC?

Most commonly lenders would order a PMC along with an AVM, when the real-estate financial transaction qualifies for an 'evaluation' rather than an appraisal.

  • Transaction value equal to or less than $250,000
  • A business loan with a transaction value equal to or less than the business loan threshold of $1 million.
  • Transaction involves an existing extension of credit at the lending institution (HELOC)

For more information about PMC's or service please click here, or contact your ARC account executive.

Sample PMC Report