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This product provides an immediate point of value estimate for a property using statistically based modeling.  Our clients can order individual AVMs or through a secured site provide a batch list of properties for loan and portfolio assessment.  ARC provides its clients with four different AVMs, as well as allows its clients to develop their own cascade of AVM products.  Your cascade can include anywhere from 2 to all 4 AVMs.  Products can be delivered back within seconds:

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Home Value Explorer® (HVE®)

A Freddie Mac®  Automated Valuation Model HVE encompasses several models rolled into a single product, for one low cost. HVE uses Freddie Mac's unique proprietary algorithm that blends model estimates returned by our repeat sales model and hedonic model, which is considered our combining process. HVE provides extensive coverage of all 50 states and more than 3100 counties with its database of approximately 100 million property records. HVE data simplifies the mortgage process by streamlining the collateral valuation cycle.

ValuePoint®4 automated valuation model (AVM) from CoreLogic®

Includes dual-core technology that combines two independent valuation systems, coupled with a continuous blind-testing process to deliver greater accuracy and higher fulfillment rate. Valuation methods contained in ValuePoint4 include hedonic, repeat sales indexes and a patented neural-net technology.

PASS® automated valuation model (AVM) from CoreLogic®

Leveraging the largest online property and ownership database in the nation, PASS delivers a high level of currency and accuracy critical to originations, quality control and risk management. PASS incorporates property characteristics and comparables with appraisal logic, price-time indexing and various statistical methods to arrive at an accurate and reliable property valuation. This neural scoring system enables the technology to sense and immediately adapt to changing market conditions. A dedicated team of AVM experts continuously tunes and maintains the model for maximum performance.

VeroVALUE Preferred is an automated valuation model from VEROS

Provides a weighted balance between valuation accuracy and hit rate with a more stringent focus on accuracy. When accuracy is paramount over hit rates. VeroVALUE Preferred is unmatched and as result, is commonly used in the first position in a multiple AVM cascade approach.


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